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About Cai Sepulis – Illustrative Designer

cai sepulis


My name’s Cai (pronounced “Kai” like “rye”:) I’m a solo creative (illustrator designer) based just outside the Greater Toronto area in a lovely park & lakes filled city called Guelph.

This portfolio is mostly my personal art and illustration work. If you’d like to see more of my work as an art director or commercial design work, visit my studio, Ballyhoo Media.

I’ve been in the field over 10 years; I’ve worked in advertising for a multi-national ad agency as an award-winning Art Director, went to architecture school, I’m a Registered Graphic Designer (see RGD Ontario) and have well-established myself as an illustrator; working on National events and for a Fortune 500 company.

Me in a nutshell: Creative ideas + stunning visuals  

I run on ideas and creating fun, innovative strategies. My illustration & design style is adaptable to suit client’s brand and target needs.

I specialize in visuals for consumer goods — product packaging, restaurant branding, event graphics. My services can include: illustration, campaign development, branding (identity & logo development) and animation.


I’m highly adaptable; I can be hired to lead a project or partner with your team for a specific task (such as illustration or art direction) whether you’re an ad agency, design studio or have an in-house marketing team that I would work with directly. My clients are worldwide, I’ve worked with folks across Canada, the US, Australia and overseas. I’m available for short or long term projects.

I love advertising and my primary focus is as a commercial illustrator – illustration for packaging, logos, events, brands and advertisements. Although my style does have a similar feel to all of it, you’ll note how I can adapt my style to suit different clients and their brand, or target clientele, needs…I’m not locked in one style.  With my background in architecture, I am sourced quite often for travel & tourism illustrations featuring certain streetscapes and architecture. I love drawing cityscapes and transportation, you’ll note a lot of my work features Toronto streetcards, subways and urban scenes.


Here’s my daily blog of crazy ideas:
If you’re interested in my personal artwork/illustrations, you can buy my prints here:


Ontario Science Centre
Word On The Street – National Book & Magazine Festival
City of Guelph
Savour Stratford
Dalhousie University
Nature Conservancy of Canada
Wellington Brewery
Dancetheatre David Earle
Downtown Guelph
Penguin Books
Raincoast Books
Kraft Foods
Hillside Festival and so many more!



Nothing planned yet! Let me know if you have something exciting going on that you’d like me to speak at!



Jan. 2014: do so much conference – Official Speaker
Jan. 2014: Gladstone Hotel - Group show member for the Elora Tarot Card Project.
Apr. 23: Ignite Guelph - Official Speaker
Feb. 12: TEDxGuelphU - Official Speaker
Jan. 11: Humber College – Illustration Program - Professional Mentor, Toronto ON
Apr. 10: No.9′s Iain Baxter& ECOARTVAN project, in collaboration with the AGO, Toronto District School Board and others - Artist Educator, Toronto ON



Short Film:‘Til Death Do Us Part – 2002
Screenings in India, Mexico, Canada, USA & Brazil.



2013 – Winner &  2nd Place – Print Ad Campaign – NAMA (National Ag-Marketing Awards) – Art Director/Designer (part of AdFarm team)
2013 – Winner: Logo Design – CAMA (Canadian Ag-Marketing Awards) – Art Director/Design (part the AdFarm team)
2013 – Winner: Print Campaign – CAMA (Canadian Ag-Marketing Awards) – Art Director/Design (part the AdFarm team)
2013 – Short list – Short listed for HotDocs (Toronto) 2014 Illustrator
2013 – Recipient – Recognized as a Famous Guelphite – Commercial Artist
2013 – Silver Winner: Community Initiative – Canadian Chamber of Commerce Awards – Art Director/Designer
2012 – Finalist – Design Edge Canada Awards – Logo Design
2011 – Recipient – Women of Distinction Awards (Arts & Culture category)
2010 – Recipient – Top 40 Under 40
2010 – Finalist – Design Edge Canada Awards



Feb. 2014: Ontarion You’ll Know It When You See It (interview with Cai)
Mar. 2013: Job Postings Magazine Ballyhoo Media’s Cai Sepulis and her dazzling designs
Mar. 2011: Rogers TV Interview on Ballyhoo Media, Graphic Design & Illustration
Feb. 2011: Adbase Interview: Twitter Strategies for Artists by Tiffany Myers, Chicago IL
Feb. 2011: Illustration Voice, Spring 2011/Volume 11 Featured Job Showcase, Los Angeles, CA