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Brickworks Ciderhouse – old firetruck

Here’s an illustration I did for Brickworks Ciderhouse (based in Evergreen Brickworks, Toronto) of a historic 1900 firetruck. Design and Art Direction by Amy Patterson. caisepulis_ciderLG

Aerial View of Guelph Animated

I’ve been working on this aerial view of Guelph for the past few months, I figured it’d be a neat experiment to jig it as an animation!

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New house, new designs

I moved into a new place a little over a week ago. Here’s a couple images from some of the work I’ve done. Along with painting the living room, you can see the coffee table I built and some newly silkscreened pillows. In the bedroom, I built a new bed frame for my queen size bed which took some planning to get the right sizes and attachments, but not much over a day to actually construct.

Reclaimed wood coffee table

So this project was under works for a longer than it should have been…just didn’t have time.
Basically it started a couple summer ago when I had the house’s nasty blue vinyl taken off, and board and a batten put up; I had a couple windows put in and when he put the windows in, I saw there was some really nice old wood from the house frame. I immediately realized I shouldn’t just let the wood go to waste and wanted to make a coffee table. Finally this winter I got around to fixing up and planing the wood. I made the top first. For the supports, I used regular lumber. Once sanded again, I stained and sealed the table. I’m stoked, it’s a gorgeous piece.

Plumbing pipe shelving

I built this plumbing shelf about a year ago. I priced out nice shelves from the usual suspects, and for the most part, a $400 shelf would be made of some awful composite so I set out to make my own plumbing pipe shelf.

Ripping up vinyl flooring

This was a project I did in my home…I love owning old homes. I always wanted to know what was underneath the awful vinyl fake wood floor. I initially took a peak inside the closet and was surprised to see beautiful hardwood underneath the flooring. I went ahead and ripped up the rest in the room. It was quite the initial demolition job which took about a day to pull up all the nails and flooring. From there I rented a drum sander and bought a hand sander to do the edges. I went down in grits about 3 times. The longer part in the process was staining and putting go the polyurethane to seal it in and wait for it to dry. I was done the project in a weekend, then took a couple days of staining and sealing. Results were beautiful though.

OX Campaign Posters

If you’ve been following the exciting build-up to OX’s Guelph (restaurant/cafe/bar) opening in the coming weeks, you probably have noticed our campaign posters, illustrated by Cai, popping up all over town! Read more…

Downtown Guelph – art on the street

Always a pleasure to work on, art on the street, features artists from all over Ontario, selling their goods in Downtown Guelph. Working with an illustration for the 2012 selected artist, Gillian Wilson, Cai designed a fun, edgy, retro-esque event branding design. Read more…

DIYODE Trunk Sale

Another fun bunch to work with. Cai illustrated and designed this poster, keeping in mind that not many folks around Guelph commonly use the term, “trunk sale”…so the goal was to create something memorable and clever that explained the event. Read more…

Local Food Fest

Working with the City of Guelph and the Guelph CMHC, we revamped some of the materials from last year, illustrated a new logo and designed the poster for this great event which takes place on June 24! Read more…

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